Start Your 


Traditionally when we hear the words 'innovation consultancy' most people think:

High costs,
Intangible results,
Only available to large companies. 

We are here to throw that stigma out of the window, make it easy and limit risk for all parties. 

Your next steps:

1.Have your idea.
  • No matter how simple or complex it may be, it could be the next big thing. It doesnt matter how evolved your idea is, whether it is something you have been researching for years, or something you thought of in the shower last Tuesday. 

2. Understand that we offer a completely free, IP protected* initial sit down and chat when it suits you.

3. Book us.
  • When you are free, i.e. after work or during your lunch break, or even at a weekend so that you are not at a loss. We work around you.

4. Catalyst.
  • We then help you with that idea. This help can take on varied forms, from development of the idea, media, design, even laying out a path of how it can be best utilised. 

5. Fly to the highest heights. 
  • ​Our help lasts as long as you want it. We offer a tailored exit stratergy for you and your idea. This could be once you recieve a certain income from the idea, or achieve what you want from it.  

6. What does NHMD Ltd get out of it?
  • Un-paralleled satisfaction of helping yet another amazing idea has evolved. Trust us - its a GREAT feeling. 
  • Unfortunately we cant do everything for free, however we have been there done that when it comes to start-ups, money, investment etc. so we tailor our costs down the line as to what suits your idea and what you want from us.
  • I.E if we agree think you just need a kick ass website to launch, we will charge a one off very affordable sum. If we agree to launch a mind blowing kickstarter project, we would charge a percentage of the money raised. 

​7. What are you waiting for?

Preferred Name
When are you free for a chat?
*IP: Intellectual Property.
This is one of the most valuable things you already have - your idea. We prepare an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) between you and NHMD Ltd, wich protects both parties from the disclosure of the idea, so you can speak freely with us from the start.