Meet The Team 

Who Are We?

NHMD Ltd' director, Jonny Otter, believes that the incredible opportunities and experiences that our large network has, spurrs us into wanting to help others realise the potential behind your idea. ​

We are made up of an enormous network of proffessionals as part time as an when their skill set is needed. These proffessionals are at the top of their game and have a wealth of experience from:

Illustration, design-led thinking, marketing, industrial design, engineering, purchasing, project management, manufacturing and production, to order fufillent services but so much more! 

Jonny's experience is varied, from Lumber Jacking to Building Work, Officer Training Corps to Product Design and Advanced Design Studio Engineering at Jaguar Landrover to setting up NHMD Ltd and inventing an internationally selling product - The Breechtool™.